carbon, vaulted deep

Geologic sequestration of organic
waste for permanent carbon removal

Proven Technology

We’re experts at putting things underground

Utilizing a mature technology that’s safe, proven, and commercialized – now applied to carbon removal for the first time.


Sequestration in the deep earth enables 10,000+ year durability

We employ the same geologic formations that kept hydrocarbons underground for millions of years.


Leveraging abundant, untapped, carbon sources

Globally mankind produces ~15 gigatons of organic waste every year.  There are few uses for it – it gets dumped into landfills, waterways, or is spread on land to decompose. If we took all that untapped organic waste, we could remove ~5 gigatons of carbon annually.

Vaulted has two permitted, operational well sites to remove carbon at scale today.

Advancing environmental justice

Our solution improves local environmental and community health, advancing environmental justice.