Proven technology unlocks a simple carbon removal process

Our advanced slurry sequestration technology means we can take minimally processed, abundant, organic wastes.

Carbon removal, made simple

We take carbon-bearing, sludgy, organic wastes like biosolids, agricultural & livestock wastes, and paper sludge that otherwise would have gone to a landfill, dumped in a waterway, or spread on land to decompose. By taking the waste, Vaulted avoids the carbon from being re-released back into the atmosphere.


Vaulted takes the diverted wastes and, with minimal processing, utilizes our proprietary slurry injection technology to inject the carbon deep underground. The result is permanent, 10,000+ year, carbon removal.

Vaulted’s permanent carbon removal is certified by Isometric

Vaulted’s patented slurry injection technology is the method of choice across a wide range of environments where safety is the top priority. The tech has been used in hundreds of installations worldwide in the oil and gas industry for decades.

Safe by design

Pipe-in-pipe design encased in an outer cement layer all the way to the surface allows for safe disposal zones – no leakage

Real Time Monitoring

We use stringent design specifications and continuous monitoring to ensure the carbon stays sequestered

Complete Biosphere Removal

Deep well injection is the only disposal option that effectively permanently removes carbon entirely from the biosphere

10,000+ year permanent storage