Impact beyond CO2

Our carbon removal approach goes beyond vaulting carbon – it inherently improves local environmental and human health, and redresses historically unjust practices.

Avoid Methane Emissions

In addition to removing carbon, our geologic sequestration avoids the methane emissions that would have occurred if the waste had decomposed above ground. While we don’t include the GHG avoidance in our carbon removal credits, it is a substantial co-benefit. On average, each ton of waste we sequester avoids 5.8 tons of CO2e (20 year GWP).

Protect Local Environment and Human Health

The wastes we take today can pollute the local environments in which they are disposed. The Inspector General issued a report in 2018 finding 61+ known pathogens in biosolids, and stating land application had significant risk to human harm. By sequestering these wastes, Vaulted reduces local environmental and human health harm.

Advance Environmental Justice

Studies indicate that residents near waste biomass land application and landfills face increased health risks. Decades of research reveal that such sites are often situated in minority and low-income areas. Removing waste from these communities advances Environmental Justice.